How to Improve Your Game

Baseball is a wonderful sport but it is by no means easy to play or learn. It is in my opinion the most “frisky” of all sports. Every player has to be on “edge” when playing this game. Why? Because, when you are chasing the ball out of the park with the bases juiced and the entire outfield standing. Your mind has to work at a very fast pace and tips off your muscles so you can swing with your all. Even if you miss the baseball, it is game over immediately because you did not “swing through the ball”. If the ball is well placed or if the bat does not meet the ball hit the Cleveland Indians defense then you automatically get to place blame on yourself. You have done yourself a great disservice and have damaged your self-esteem just to get a raise. One of the quickest ways I have found to improve a player’s swing and make them become a more fundamentally sound baseball hitter is to have them improve their mechanics. fundamentally sound mechanics = better hit, better game What is fundamentally sound mechanics? It is keeping the same leg lift at contact, swinging slightly down and through the ball. Even if the mechanics a player does at the plate stay the same his mechanics must change with the different strike zones that the pitcher throws. Here are some quick tips to having fundamentally sound mechanics: o Keep your back elbow down until the baseball is swung.o, Get your back knee up at the same time as your front knee.o The ball should meet the belt buckle on the 3rd of the swing (or to the cue ball shortly before contact)o Throw your hands at the ball with your first two fingers behind the ball and the index finger touching the top of the ball. (Don’t squeeze the ball wither your hands or the ball, just get the feel of pressing the ball if you don’t squeeze you will drop it as your feet hit the ground and if you squeeze the ball it will rise to meet the ball if the ball is low you stand up and lift your front knee to meet the ball which is a good indication that you have the right technique) These few simple changes can make a big difference in your fundamentals. The more changes you make to your mechanics the more changes in your head that you will have to integrate.

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