It may be America's game,

but no one seems to know how to play like the pros!

Welcome to my website for Baseball before We Knew It, where I aim to discuss nothing but baseball. On these pages I hope to gather information of reviews and drills that may be helpful for all of you players, no matter what your league. To begin with, just have a look at our secret baseball drills written by self proclaimed experts. Hope it may help to improve your strength and techniques when in game.

I also hope to make this site a means of communicating with readers. Please send me your observations of the game baseball, or any questions you may have, to my email. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Thanks to all, and I hope you enjoy the site.

Coach Mark

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Coach Mark

Coach Mark

Know this here and now . . . any one can be a good, competent and, consequently, a winning baseball player. But this is the last comment about winning that you will read in my brief bio. . . simply because winning is a result of training extensively and properly.