It may be America's game,

but no one seems to know how to play like the pros!


Welcome to my website for Baseball before We Knew It, where I aim to discuss nothing but baseball. On these pages I hope to gather information of reviews and drills that may be helpful for all of you players, no matter what your league. To begin with, just have a look at our secret baseball drills written by self proclaimed experts. Hope it may help to improve your strength and techniques when in game.

Recently, I am busy working on the field all days, so I have to leave my website to my contributors who write the reviews as you can see below. Some of these articles may not be quite clear due to their restriction of being non native speakers. So, feel free to contact me so I will correct them.

I also hope to make this site a means of communicating with readers. Please send me your observations of the game baseball, or any questions you may have, to my email. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Thanks to all, and I hope you enjoy the site.

Coach Mark

Coach Mark

Coach Mark

Know this here and now . . . any one can be a good, competent and, consequently, a winning baseball player. But this is the last comment about winning that you will read in this article . . . simply because winning is a result of training extensively and properly.